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Welcome to the International Hovawart WebRing

The sole purpose of this webring is to promote the Hovawart breed worldwide and to make it easy for Hovawart owners and lovers to find other people with the same interest.

If you want to visit the International Hovawart WebRing - and I think it is worthwhile - click button "WebRingindex" to the left and choose to visit any of the members.

The Ring could be the place where shows, show results, puppy lists or your new Hovawart puppy's disastrous behaviour could be announced.

It is my hope that the Ring will get so popular that it will become an integrated part of all Hovawart homepages and sites.

Visit and/or Join and enjoy.

Member-to-be please read the "Rules" and then proceed to the "Submission"-page.

Members of the WebRing wanting to edit their particulars within the WebRing may do so from the "Submission"-page.

For Danish/Scandinavian speaking Hovawart owners here is a chance to share your opinion(s) with others:

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